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VR Adult Games Makes You An Active Part Of Porn

VR technology has been around for quite some time. But creating content for it was not that easy and quite expensive. However, things have changed in the past years. In the mid-2010s, we had the first VR porn sites for movies, in which we could enjoy immersive experiences with our favorite porn stars. But it was still a passive activity in which you could only move your head left and right for a 180 degrees view. You didn’t have control over the sex action other than playing or stopping the video.

However, in the past two years, we’ve seen a massive increase in the production of more interactive content that can be enjoyed with your virtual reality headset. And you can enjoy some of the best content of this type on VR Adult Games. We created this collection with mostly independently produced titles that are exploring some of the wildest kinks and fantasy scenarios. And we managed to offer it for free by cutting some excellent advertising deals with our partners and the developers who created this content. That doesn’t mean you will have to pay by putting up with crazy ads. The advertising on our site is less intrusive than the one you get on big free porn tubes. But the experience you have is out of this world. Because it happens in the virtual world.

Enjoy Sex Simulators With Total Control On VR Adult Games

Our site brings some of the wildest and most realistic sex simulators the internet has ever seen. Not only you will get a first-person POV perspective in these games, but the characters you will be fucking will make eye contact with you, and they’ll have responsive facial expressions based on what you’re doing to them. Some of our simulators even come with voiceover characters, who are great for dirty talking or for begging and imploring in the BDSM-themed titles of our collection.

What’s also nice about our simulators is the increased level of customization you get to personalize your experience. You can build up characters from scratch, selecting their ethnicity, age, and body type, or even crafting their personality and sex skills with a series of stats that can be twitched on a spectrum.

The Most Advanced RPG Games Of The Moment

VR Adult Games is also the site where you will find the best RPGs available on the web right now. Although the technology is here, there’s still room for advancement. There aren’t as many RPGs as we’d love in the industry, but we found the best ones and included them in this collection. You will be able to enjoy realistic or fantasy experiences in the virtual world from the perspective of a character. Most of the RPGs in this niche come from Japan, but we had them translated for our audience. You can enjoy all sorts of missions, and sex encounters as a schoolgirl with one of our title. Another title offers you a perfect sex life as a handsome young man who moved to a new city where he wants to fuck every bitch coming his way. And we even have a couple of adventure VR titles where the naughty action features monsters or aliens.

VR Adult Games Works Fine With All Devices

One of the best things about this collection is that you can enjoy it no matter what VR headset you use. You can use anything from Oculus and PlayStationVR to Google Cardboard or any other type of adaptor for your phone. On top of that, you can even choose to play these games in classic mode directly on your screen if you don’t want to cover your eyes with any VR gadget. We implemented this option because we know that our players sometimes enjoy interactive porn when they’re not home alone. And no one wants to get caught beating their meat with a VR headset on their head. At the moment, the collection of VR Adult Games can only be browsed in screen mode. We are working on a platform that will offer to browse in VR, but we also want to include all the other features of the site in that special interface, such as comment sections and the new chat room that will be available soon.

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